TwinPegs Baja Review


TwinPegs Baja Review

Words and photos: Simon Cudby

In February of 2022 we made our way south of the US border into the offroad riding mecca of Baja California, Mexico.

I had been sent a package recently with an interesting set of TwinPegs inside all the way from engineer Kai Ingvald Flateland in Norway. These beautifully crafted foot peg extensions have been designed around the concept of comfort and support for standing for extended periods of time on your adventure bike or dual sport machine. A week long trip to Baja was the perfect place to try these pegs, so we mounted sets onto our Husqvarna 701 Enduro and our KTM 690R.

My own riding style features an annoying dropped heel tendency, and I am starting to feel it’s just a matter of time before I tear an Achilles tendon on a fast “g-out” or drop-off. The principle of this new peg system is to hopefully prevent the possibility of this happening but adding an extra support platform behind the main area of a traditional foot peg.

Installation of these TwinPegs takes a little while to be honest, and as with everything on your bike it pays to place close attention to the instructions, and have a firm grasp of how it all goes together before just digging in. The pegs come with small pins to aid in traction on the heel peg, and I recommend installing all the pins.

The ride experience on the TwinPegs was very easy to adapt to, and after a short while I did not realize I had these mounted on my 701. I did love the fact that my heel dropping style was now a thing of the past, and I was actually leaning more forward over the handlebars, which in turn made me feel more in control of my bike, and also less fatigued. I could also feel much less strain on my calf muscles than usual, as more effort is transferred to the thighs.

As far as the handling of my bike, I did not feel any adverse reactions to running the TwinPegs, in fact I was more confident charging into more whooped out sections as I felt my ankles were more protected from hyper-extension.

At $360 for a set these TwinPegs are not an inexpensive proposition. After a week of trying this set up on our bikes, I can say that having the added support and comfort was a big plus for our ride, plus these things look great too! 

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