Arizona/Utah Border Ride Gallery

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Arizona/Utah Border Ride Gallery

Images: Simon Cudby –

Riding on the Arizona/Utah border.

Monument Valley and the surrounding Mexican Hat area are breathtakingly beautiful and offer a unique glimpse into the history and culture of the American Southwest. The region is one of the most stunning and iconic landscapes in the United States.

Monument Valley is famous for its distinctive rock formations, towering mesas, and red sandstone buttes that rise up from the desert floor. These incredible geological formations were formed over millions of years by natural forces such as wind and water erosion. The result is a stunning landscape that has captivated photographers and filmmakers alike.

The Mexican Hat area, which is located north of Monument Valley, is another fantastic place to explore. This area is named after a distinctive rock formation that looks like a Mexican sombrero hat. We explored tracks and trails off the beaten tourist routes, to some places where we didn’t see another soul for hours.

Overall, Monument Valley and the Mexican Hat area are a must-visit for anyone traveling to the American Southwest. The stunning scenery, rich cultural heritage, and unique geological formations make it a truly unforgettable destination.


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