2024 KTM 450 XCF-W Project


2024 KTM 450 XCF-W Project

2024 KTM 450 XCF-W Project Bike Build.

“Boasting an all-new chassis, suspension, race-proven bodywork, and rider-focussed ergonomics – not to mention one of the winningest 450 cc engines in the class – the KTM 450 XCF-W is ready to launch off the line with the podium firmly in its sights.”- KTM Website

We took our new 450 XCF-W and added some parts to boost the performance and comfort for multi-day trips south of the border to Baja.

Three Brothers Racing in Costa Mesa, California did assembly and suspension service. With 3Bros being an authorized WP service center, we knew their work would be to factory specs. We revalved the forks and shock for a 200lb rider carrying an extra 15lbs of gear whether in a camera bag, or a riding vest with hydration.

Big thanks to Eduardo and Marcos at 3Bros for their professional assembly of our 450 XCFW.

3Bros Website

Rottweiler Performance- GET ECU

Mapped on the Rottweiler in-house dyno.  We saw over 10% power gains across the whole range with the GET ECU maps. 

We used the GET 2 position map switch – Position 1- Power, Position 2 mellow

Readings from  the Rottweiler Dyno room:

8000RPM at 100% throttle

Stock- 45.22hp

Position 1 Power map- 51.54hp

Position 2 mellow map- 52.19hp

8000RPM at 40% throttle

Stock- 31.61hp

Position 1 Power map- 36.70hp

Position 2 mellow map- 35.79hp

8000RPM at 20% throttle

Stock 20.53hp

Position 1 Power map- 23.44hp

Position 2 mellow map- 22.55hp

Rottweiler website

We chose the Yoshimura RS-12 full system and our GET ECU was mapped using this full system. The Yosh system works fantastic and looks great too- top quality from the guys at Yoshimura R&D, plus that sound!

Yoshimura website

We installed a bigger Acerbis 3.2 gallon tank for extended fuel range. We now have approximately a 120 mile range. This will really help on our Baja trips as fuel stops can be 100+ miles apart. We also really like the styling of this new Acerbis tank.

Acerbis Website

We love this graphic kit from the SKDA team. We wanted a more “adventure” look on the 450. SKDA incorporated some fine details like the subtle contour lines, and added some logos of our partners like Rottweiler and 3Bros Racing.

SKDA Website

Cyclops Trail Boss headlight insert. The best in the business- ask guys who know! Cyclops is one of the only manufacturers to have headlights available for the 2024 KTM models. We love the Cyclops lights with their easy 100% plug and play installs.

Cyclops website

Seat Concepts Comfort complete seat. This seat makes a huge difference on an all day ride. We rode a bike with the stock seat recently and could really tell the difference when we got back on our Seat Concepts equipped machine, much more comfortable. Great grip and feel.

Seat Concepts Website

DUBYA wheel set with the Excel A60 rim coupled with a Hahn hubset. We chose Dubya for their great wheel building reputation, from Supercross teams through offroad racing, Dubya is known for their top quality components and assembly. We want our wheel set to last, plus the orange spoke nipples look great!

Dubya Website

We installed Nitro Mousse front and rear. The Platinum set gives 12-14psi feel. Now we can be confident of no flats on the trail, and no need to carry tubes and tire irons. We only use Nitro Mousses on our dual sport and offroad rides.

Nitro Mousse Website

We’ve become big fans of the Fastway FIT hand guards. The full wrap around system stops levers breaking in crashes and tip-overs, and they give your hands protection from trees and brush on the trail. Also if you happen to clip a tree or branch, the shield do not fold back into your fingers like basic non wraparound shields.

Also from Fastway are their EXT footpegs. Helps to stop hyperextension and achilles injury on the trail. Anything that can prevent an injury when you’re 75 miles from your next stop is a good idea.  

Fastway Website

We installed an AXP Racing 6mm skid plate and also their chain guides. Lightweight but solid protection out on trail. The skid plate is much quieter and 40% lighter than an aluminum skid plate.

AXP Website

From Renthal we installed their o-ring chain, Twinring sprocket, countershaft sprocket, and the Renthal Fatbar handlebar. The Twinring sprocket is a long lasting and durable hybrid material off-road sprocket made from an aluminum inner core and a steel outer ring. Long lasting and durability is what we can expect from the best quality moto products from the UK.

Renthal Website

We installed tour favorite grips for long days on the bike- the ODI V2 Rogue lock on grips. The large raised pads on the grip surface offer much better shock absorption than thinnerstock grips. For even more comfort we went with the soft compound grey version.

ODI Website

Our tires of choice for this build are the Shinko 520 rear, and the Shinko MX 216 Fatty front.

We have a lot of experience with the Shinko tire range, and have put a lot of miles on other bikes with this combination. Although Shinko offer a “cheater” soft compound version of both of these tires, we went with the standard compound for durability on longer rides. 

We recently did a 1000 mile ride in Wyoming on a loaded Husqvarna 701 and these tires lasted surprisingly well on the ride that included 500 miles of asphalt.

Shinko Website

Thanks to all the companies involved in this build… now we get to go and ride! 

Look out for a video test shortly.

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